building grit
Come north and flourish.
At North Country School, children thrive.LEARN HOW
building grit
Small classes. Inspired teaching. Engaged kids.
CONFIDENCE built at NCS makes lifelong learners.LEARN HOW

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Located in the beautiful Adirondacks, North Country School is a New York Boarding School offering a co-ed environment to help children lead satisfying and productive lives.

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Our Story

Founded in 1938, North Country School sits among mountain peaks in the six million-acre Adirondack Park, just outside Lake Placid, NY. Our 200-acre campus features a working farm, extensive gardens, and alpine wilderness that provide hands-on opportunities for learning and growth. Here boys and girls in grades 4-9 benefit from a literal and metaphorical breath of fresh mountain air; our children thrive in a humanely paced program that features equal parts academics, arts, work, and play. The guidance of talented, committed adults and a strong, diverse community instill in students values of simple living and environmental responsibility. With a unique mix of inspiring people, place, and programs, North Country School helps students to flourish.

From our Blog

2013 Drinking Water Quality Report

Posted in Campus News
on April 16, 2014

Each year the New York State Department of Health assembles a report for us – based on testing done the previous year – that summarizes the quality of our drinking water as tested against numerous parameters. To comply with New York State regulations, we post this report here to make it freely available for public inspection and review. The purpose of this ...More

Lamb Cam!

Posted in Farm & Green Blog
on March 28, 2014

Devon and the farm staff have activated the Lamb Cam in the barn – giving us a window to the fascinating and endearing world of our newest four-legged community members. Please take a look by clicking the start button below. Please be advised that the cam will only work during daytime hours, and may experience ...More

Quiet but Strong

Posted in Head's Blog
on March 4, 2014

Behind the scenes of every non-profit organization is a group of individuals whose work maintains both the mission and the future of the institution. Ours is no different, and the Board of Trustees of North Country School and Camp Treetops is comprised of 24 remarkably committed and talented individuals, most of whom are themselves School ...More

Video Screenings of From Alarm to Action: What Works?

Posted in Off-Campus Events
on February 20, 2014

If you missed the event last October in New York City, video screenings this spring in Portland, ME, Washington, DC, and Alta, UT, may be just for you. Join other alums to watch and discuss a  20-minute film of the panel discussion that featured three nationally prominent figures in the fight against climate change. Bill ...More