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Project Integration

What Is Project Integration?

At the heart of our teaching is the belief that students learn best when given hands-on and active learning opportunities. Often, within a given class, students have the opportunity to choose from among several projects that allow them to independently or collaboratively make the material their own.

Project-based learning and assessment require students to produce a tangible project that demonstrates understanding of material and utilizes skills regularly practiced in class. Assessment occurs in stages to provide meaningful feedback.

Unit projects often encompass: studio arts (sculptures, models, and videos), performing arts (dramatic skits, speeches, and original music), and construction and building (small and large structures).

Bog Bridge Project

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Wigwam Project

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Biomimicry Project

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Birch Pole Project

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Mountain Bench Project

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Windmill Project

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Large group 2015-2016 projects include:

Outdoor Teaching Space This year's senior gift to the school is an outdoor teaching space near the front entrance. The planks for the bench were milled locally and timber framed by five 9th grade students. The cedar plank backdrop that forms the backrest is shaped into the 360-degree view from the school's turret. The mountains' names will be routed in below the peaks. Several late-fall classes have already utilized the space.

Animal Sculpture Class The six students in the Animal Sculptures art elective have created an exceptional copper owl, barbed owl and "interactive" life-sized lamb from new and reclaimed materials that will be placed in indoor and outdoor spaces for all to enjoy.

Science Field Station Level I students have undertaken what will likely become a five-year project: constructing a science field station. Students have been building bog bridges from reclaimed pressure treated planks for this outdoor laboratory. The network of trails and walkway of bridges will lead to a platform where classes will undertake marsh ecology, snow-pit testing, astronomy, and even peaceful reading and writing.

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