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Creative Thinking

Creativity in children is both an innate and a teachable skill. Recognizing that creative thinking is as essential as critical thinking, we nurture creativity not only in our extensive arts offerings, but in all areas of school life. When students learn to be creative in their approach, ingenious science experiments, inspired literary analysis, individual writing voice, and imaginative multi-media presentations are the result.

Hands-on Learning

Recognizing that children are inquisitive by nature and natural problem solvers, we provide hands-on and collaborative lessons that help students make real world and personal connections. Our students engage with one another, their teachers, and the activities at hand. They learn to ask and answer their own questions and develop the skills that help them do so along the way.  

Outdoor Exploring

Our campus, in the High Peaks region of the Adirondack Park, allows children to learn and explore in a pristine wilderness setting. Our science classes often hold hands-on labs outdoors. English and art classes climb mountains to paint landscapes and write poetry. NCS students hike, camp, ride horses, and ski on our 200 acres and miles of trails. Our students develop a deep appreciation for the outdoors and learn the value of preserving wild places.


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