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North Country School Academic Internship Program:

North Country School offers 2-3, one-year academic internships. The goal of the internship is to introduce aspiring teachers to North Country School’s unique teaching pedagogy and for individuals to develop the craft of teaching in a wide variety of areas in a supportive atmosphere.

Academic interns are actively involved in all parts of the North Country School program. Within the classroom, internships may be designed to support individual grade levels or various courses within a department. An academic intern will also have the opportunity to serve in the role of a chore supervisor, table head, outtime facilitator, tutor and weekend trip leader. Interns will also work towards teaching an elective class, supporting in the teaching of an edible schoolyard class and will assist in houseparenting.

An intern should expect to:

  • Plan and deliver lessons
  • Develop curriculum
  • Reflect on teaching and learning
  • Develop classroom management techniques
  • Develop skills to support differentiated instruction
  • Refine outdoor leadership skills
  • Meet weekly with the Dean of Faculty
  • Develop a teaching portfolio

Internships at North Country School include a monthly stipend, health benefits, housing and meals. Internship positions are filled on a rolling basis. If interested in being considered for an internship, please send a cover letter, resume and references to Dave Steckler, Interim Director of School, at: employment@northcountryschool.org.



North Country School is committed to providing a working and living environment that fosters mutual respect and relationships free of discrimination based on a protected characteristic, and to complying with the spirit and letter of applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations relating to equal employment opportunity. For purposes of subsection A and B below, protected characteristics at North Country School are an individual’s race, color, ethnicity, gender, religion, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and any other characteristic protected by applicable law. In addition to the guidance set forth below, a full explanation of equal employment opportunity and harassment prevention requirements, as defined by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, is available in the business office of North Country School.

A. Non-Discrimination

North Country School is committed to:

• Administering all personnel actions, including but not limited to recruitment, employment, promotion, demotion, work assignments, classification, discipline, termination, compensation, benefits, training, education, tuition assistance and social and recreational programs, without regard to any protected characteristic;

• Administering all human resources policies, processes, and/or procedures without regard to any protected characteristic; and

• Making required reasonable accommodation for the physical and/or mental disabilities of qualified employees and job applicants.

B. Harassment

North Country School is committed to providing a harassment-free work environment, which includes time an employee spends interacting with co-workers in work-related settings such as during business-related travel, as well as meetings, conferences, training sessions and social events sponsored by North Country School.

Impermissible harassment includes, but is not limited to:

• Making an individual’s terms or conditions of the provision of his/her services to North Country School contingent on rendering sexual favors,

• Insinuating or conducting oneself in a manner that suggests that the submission to or rejection of sexual favors by any individual covered by this policy will in any way influence decisions concerning the employment or contractual relationship between North Country School and the individual; or

• A comment, material, gesture or any other communication or conduct, which is unwelcome and offensive, demeaning, or derogatory towards any person or group of persons, based on a protected characteristic.