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Where most classrooms end, ours begin.

Secondary School Placement

Prepared to take the next step

North Country School graduates are known by high school admissions officers for their work ethic, citizenship, and excellent academic preparation. Admissions officers visit NCS each spring and fall to meet our students and to stay current with our placement team. When it is time for a family to find their child’s next school, we support students and their parents in all aspects of the application process, including: determining a school list, completing applications, preparing for interviews, scheduling SSAT or TOEFL testing, and prioritizing offers of acceptance. Our goal is for every 9th grade student to receive offers of enrollment from desirable schools that are appropriately competitive and will serve the student well.

Secondary School Placement Advisor

Every 9th grade student has a placement advisor who works with the student and family to clarify desirable characteristics for the next school. The placement advisor suggests schools to add to a student’s school list that may be in addition to those recommended by parents. A member of the placement team is in charge of helping students complete the student portion of applications and guides parents through deadlines for the various schools. In the fall, the students have dedicated time to complete essays and application writing with a member of the placement team.

If a family is working with an educational consultant, our placement advisor acts as a partner and assures that essential information is shared effectively. We welcome partnerships with families and consultants.

Below is a sampling of schools that have offered acceptance to NCS students in recent years.