Where most classrooms end, ours begin.


North Country School embraces the use of computer technology as an essential means of delivering students a 21st century education. While our out-of-class activities are mostly “unplugged,” for academic and artistic pursuits we provide Google Chromebook laptops, a Mac multimedia computer lab, and a campus-wide Wi-Fi network.

At the start of the year, every student receives a school-owned and monitored Google Chromebook. With these, students share documents, collaborate on presentations, receive real-time feedback from their teachers and access their North Country School Gmail accounts.

Students develop a facility with technology by learning to edit digital photos and videos, compose and record music, and create multimedia presentations. The school’s media specialist works closely with students and their teachers on research projects or when technology is needed to support learning.

Nearly all teaching spaces have digital projection systems that can be used to view media presentations, stream media from the web, and to enhance collaborative lessons. Many teaching spaces also have high resolution document and presentation cameras attached to projectors, allowing students a close-up view of physical demonstrations (like rock characteristics, dissections and illustrative sketches).

By teaching computer skills that are valuable for research, presentation, and communication, we teach our students the skills required of today's learners. We support students as they uphold a code of conduct that makes them good digital citizens.