A coed boarding and day school for grades 4-9

Where most classrooms end, ours begin.

The Play

Each spring the school community comes together to produce a play. Open to everyone, all interested students find valuable roles as actors, musicians, set designers, and theatre technicians. North Country School hosts three performances: one for students and staff, one for the public, and one for parents the night before graduation.

For many students, the play is a much-anticipated opportunity to be part of a musical production when they can employ the techniques they have been practicing in performing arts and dance classes. For others, the play presents an opportunity to compose and perform original music. For students not fully comfortable in the spotlight, the play is a time when hours can be devoted to perfecting two- and three-dimensional scenery, lighting and sound.

Recent plays, all featuring worlds of fantasy and student-adapted scripts, include: The Phantom Tollbooth, Spamalot, The Swiss Family Robinson; Wicked; Wonderland; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; and James and the Giant Peach.


2019 Production: William Shakespeare's As You Like It

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