2019 Groundbreaking for The Walter Breeman Performing Arts Center


The Walter Breeman Performing Arts Center

Walter Breeman (NCS 10) was transformed by the creative process he experienced as he helped to stage and produce theater productions at North Country School. The Walter Breeman Performing Arts Center (WallyPAC) honors his memory while celebrating the many children who had inspirational experiences fostered by the music and drama programs at Camp and School.

WallyPAC is a state-of-the-art building with a Net Zero design. The building features a performance space that has exceptional acoustics and supporting technological features, as well as a dedicated set construction and design space. It also contains a music instruction classroom with digital music composition equipment, as well as four music practice rooms. The lobby is a rounded, soaring space that leads to an art gallery for display of children’s artwork. True to the spirit of North Country School, the central staircase of the building is flanked by a slide.




Fall and spring productions

Every year, students at North Country School put on plays in fall and spring. The productions highlight the wide-ranging creativity, ingenuity, and talent of our students, who work hard to ensure the acting, stage designs, music, and lighting are all top-notch for showtime. Those who choose not to sing, act, or dance can help design original sets and costumes, perform instrumental music, or oversee lighting, sound, and effects.

Fall productions are showcased the week before Thanksgiving during Family Weekend. The main fall production stems from children's work in the Impact theater class, in which they write and produce a play.

The spring performance is a decades-long tradition that brings together our student community for a collaborative capstone event that features our children's talents. For many students, this play is a much-anticipated opportunity to be part of a musical production and employ the techniques they have been practicing in music, performing arts, and dance classes.