Nature is our master teacher.

Barn Chores

Barn & Garden Chores

With the guidance of experienced farm educators, students care for and ride our 12-15 horses, as well as raise and tend to our sheep, turkeys, goats, pigs, and several varieties of chickens. Our farm and garden work-jobs include these important responsibilities:

Farm Chores

  • Collecting eggs and caring for chickens
  • Delivering and turning compost
  • Grooming, feeding and watering horses
  • Feeding pigs and sheep
  • Milking goats
  • Mucking stalls

Garden and Greenhouse Chores

  • Composting table scraps
  • Cooking
  • Harvesting herbs and vegetables
  • Hauling the harvest
  • Planting and transplanting seeds
  • Preparing soil
  • Weeding

Farm and garden traditions, like all-school potato and chicken harvests in the fall and sap collection for maple syrup production in spring, not only teach, but also demonstrate that many hands make light work. Farm and garden chore rotations and community projects give students a sense of accomplishment and a first-hand understanding of fresh food production.