Where most classrooms end, ours begin.


Celebrate Diversity, Work for Common Goals

North Country School is a vibrant educational community that values the distinct backgrounds, preferences and talents of individuals and encourages group dynamics that sustain a healthy school. In our community, words like cooperation, diversity, compassion and social justice find their way into even our youngest students’ vocabularies. Respecting one another’s rights and responsibilities as members of the community gives children a sense of belonging and helps them develop strong social identities.

Cooperation Completing group work-jobs, sharing responsibilities and privileges in the house, and collaborating on assignments in the classroom teach children how to work effectively toward shared goals.

Diversity We celebrate and embrace the cultural and ethnic backgrounds of our students and faculty. Through conversation and intentional studies, our students come to understand differences in perspectives, experiences and beliefs. While developing personal identities and preferences, students share North Country School experiences and values that bind them as a community.

Compassion As children develop an awareness of struggle and inequity in parts of the world near and far, we equip them with knowledge and projects that demonstrate that they can and must take action to improve the lives of others.

Social justice By treating our students – and teaching them to treat one another – with fairness we practice social justice every day. Students learn that "fair" does not always mean "equal" and that reaching out to help others does not take away from personal achievement (but instead enhances experience). Students study economic and political systems that achieve, and some that fail to achieve, equal rights and opportunities for citizens around the world.