Where most classrooms end, ours begin.


A Time for Adventure, Play, and Rest

Many of the traditions unique to North Country School occur on weekends, including: garden harvest, Muddy Pig Café and Talent Show, Tuckerman's Ravine ski trip, range-in-a-day hiking marathon, and the senior scavenger hunt. These are in addition to the many outdoor activities offered every Saturday and Sunday.


After morning chores and a hearty breakfast, students depart for off-campus cultural trips and easy-to-challenging outdoor adventures. Depending on the season, activities include canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, cross-country or downhill skiing, pond hockey, and snowboarding. Late afternoon barn chores are followed by dinner, ice cream and the evening's entertainment, which might be a school dance, bonfire, or a "house challenge," in which teams of students compete to see who can make the strongest bridge out of popsicle sticks or who is still standing after the last musical chair is pulled. On occasion, students participate in an event led by 9th graders, like casino night. Students often arrange to host a friend from another house for a sleepover.



With the exception of those who have kitchen chores and barn animals to care for, students do not have chores on Sundays and sleep in an extra 45 minutes. A full buffet breakfast is followed by morning study hall and lunch. Students then have their choice of activities, including: arts and crafts, short hikes, soccer, sledding, games in the library or quiet time in a hill house. On some Sunday evenings children dress up for dinner, and on all Sunday evenings children write letters home, tidy their lockers and bedrooms, read books and prepare for the week ahead.