Where most classrooms end, ours begin.


Our endowment is an investment in the future. It gives us the confidence to plan and make strategic, long-term decisions that will allow us to provide future generations with the unique programming that affords every child the opportunity for success.

To promote economic diversity, strong scholarship funding supports nearly 30 percent of campers and students in any given year. In recent years, scholarship assistance to students and campers has amounted to approximately 20 percent of our operating budget.

The generosity of donors makes this commitment possible. But as the demand for financial aid increases, endowment growth to support expanded scholarship funding will help ensure accessibility to the most promising students and campers, regardless of family income.

If our institution is to flourish, so must our children and the exceptional adults who guide them. Please consider donating to the general endowment or to any of the established named funds below.

If you have any questions or want more information about our endowment or any endowment fund, please contact Christie Borden, Director of Advancement at (518) 837-5402 or email her at cborden@ncstreetops.org..