Where most classrooms end, ours begin.

Our Campaign

This is a momentous time for North Country School. The $25 million Strong Roots, High Peaks Campaign is the most ambitious fundraising effort in our long history. The funds raised will provide the expanded financial foundation to meet priority needs and pursue exciting new opportunities

The Strong Roots, High Peaks Campaign addresses three major funding goals, allowing us to SUSTAIN our programming, TRANSFORM our facilities, and give our children and adults the support they need to FLOURISH.

If we expect families to continue to entrust their children to our care, we must upgrade our facilities and provide the best possible spaces for living and learning. If we are to deepen our practice of sustainable living, our buildings and infrastructure must be energy efficient and environmentally sound. If we are to strengthen our longstanding commitment to diversity, we must provide additional financial aid. And if we are to keep offering our unique and multi-faceted program, we must better support and reward the remarkable adults who deliver it.


Annual Giving

$11 million


Capital Giving

$10 million



$4 million

Progress to Date

The Strong Roots, High Peaks Campaign has already made significant advances towards these critically important objectives. Thanks to the immense generosity of early supporters, the Campaign has raised more than $18.5 million to date, resulting in a substantial positive impact on our programs, endowment, and facilities. We now invite your participation in this historic effort. We cannot succeed without your support. Please join us in helping to secure for Camp and School the best possible future—one that is worthy of our proud past.

If you have any questions or want more information about the Strong Roots, High Peaks Campaign, please contact Christie Borden, Interim Director of Advancement at (518) 837-5402 or email her at cborden@ncstreetops.org.

Thank you.



Annual Fund Goal: $11 million

Strengthening annual giving sustains the North Country School experience for future generations.

The Annual Fund touches the lives of students each day. When children care for animals in the barn, or climb a rock face, or solve a quadratic equation in math class, our Annual Fund is at work. Our extended family of alumni, parents, trustees, and friends gives generously to the Annual Fund each year, helping us enrich the lives of students and the adults who guide them.

This support is critical, as our Annual Fund currently supplies 20 percent of our yearly operating budget. Since 2003, healthy annual giving has combined with tuition and endowment income to balance our operating budget each year. Growing our Annual Fund throughout The Strong Roots, High Peaks Campaign is essential if we are to meet future challenges.

To learn more about the Annual Fund, contact Emily Eisman, Advancement Associate, at 518-837-5450 or eeisman@northcountryschool.org. To make a gift to the Annual Fund today, visit our secure online giving page.


Capital Goal: $10 million

Improvements to our buildings and infrastructure will transform our campus, providing top-notch facilities that are environmentally friendly.

Our campus has seen more capital work in the past decade than in the previous 40 combined. Decades of making the most with limited resources and funding program needs above other priorities have left an aging infrastructure—from roads to roofs, water systems to heating plants.

Today, after several years of renewed investment, we have made significant progress. In 2010 we opened Clark House, the super-green, student-staff residence that produces as much energy as it consumes. We've significantly reduced our carbon footprint by installing biomass heating plants and solar energy. Expansion of the farm and garden staff and program allows for a harvest of vegetables, greens, and herbs that annually tops an estimated market value of $50,000.

However, we still have much to accomplish. We must complete needed renovations to the Main Building, the Hill Houses and Woods House and continue ongoing greening initiatives and conversion to renewable energy.

We aim to produce more of our own food, grow a portion of our animal feed, and acquire vehicles powered by ethanol, electricity, or biodiesel.

Capital gifts to The Strong Roots, High Peaks Campaign will help finance the buildings and infrastructure necessary to continue to offer first-rate programming, practice and teach sustainable living, and accommodate future innovation and growth.


Endowment Goal: $4 million

If our institution is to flourish, so must our students and the exceptional adults who guide them.

Diverse Students

Children thrive in our small community, nurtured by a culture of inclusion and tolerance that stems from a commitment to diversity as old as the institution itself. A parent once noted: "Every child has a story, every family is different, and everyone has a chance to fit in."

To promote economic diversity, strong scholarship funding supports nearly 30 percent of students and campers in any given year. In recent years, awarded scholarship assistance to students and campers has amounted to approximately 20 percent of our operating budget. The generosity of donors makes this commitment possible. But as the demand for financial aid increases, endowment growth to support expanded scholarship funding will help ensure accessibility to the most promising students, regardless of family income.

Exceptional Adults

The hallmark of a North Country School experience is the vibrant relationship between children and adults. In an era when adolescents often withdraw from adult influence, students here benefit from close contact with talented adults involved in every aspect of their days, from morning to bedtime. This rich, round-the-clock engagement sparks interest, inspires learning, and creates lasting bonds. North Country School children may move on, but they do not soon forget the extraordinary adults with whom their intertwining roots run deep.

By design, School has always been a child's world, lavish in the number of adults with skills and energy to devote to young people. We are not willing to compromise our 3:1 child/adult staffing levels and risk losing our unique capacity for individual attention. We must instead draw upon new philanthropic support to fund the incentives—ample compensation, opportunities for professional growth, and appealing living arrangements—that attract and retain the very best teachers and staff.